06.07.2021 | Edithhair | Blog
   Edithhair is a brand built by many wig sellers. the market environment of 2020 was terrible, and the rent of shops and freight were expensive. Many wig sellers have closed down because of the overstock of human lace wigs. Now we together to build Edithhair, the original intention is to set up an online shop, which can quickly sell the overstock of human wigs at a loss, so as to alleviate the financial and survival problems.
    No need to worry about the quality problems. All products of Edithhair have been inspected and approved by all sellers. After all, it's about everyone's profits, we will not let a small part of inferior wigs damage the reputation of the whole brand.
    All the hair is made of selected human wigs, and the net is made by hand with the front lace to ensure that each wig is natural and exquisite.
    The quantity of all products is limited. If you wanna buy it, as soon as possible!
    If there is a good market response, all sellers of Edithhair will jointly negotiate with the wig factory to reduce the price, and continue to provide better quality and lower price products to help our customers in difficult times.